1 Euro Experiment
Selling a €10.000 painting. Starting at €1 for painting number #001
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#031 - Painting Not Available On Canvas

Number: #031Title: Painting Not Available On CanvasSize: t.b.a.Digital Print  Price: €31        Dear Buyer, Why would you want to buy a painting you are never going to be able to see? Anyway, if you are OK with that, you may buy it. Contact me: mail/at/1euroexperiment/dot/com / R  

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The Case Of Yellow

Number: #030Title: The Case Of Yellow Size: 20×20 cm (8″ x 8″)  Acrylic on canvas  Price: €30    Sometimes it´s better to let others interpret your masterpiece… (*TTIF ) “The suckulent sting of the mosquitos enforce the spreading of the yellow virus conducting fevering chills to the observer” ~ Jerry Saltz (New York Magazine)   *TTIF stands […]

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#029 - Still Not A Rainbow

Number: #029Title: Still Not A Rainbow Size: 30×30 cm (12″ x 12″)  Acrylic on canvas  Price: €29    This piece is a follow-up of This Isn´t A Rainbow as to make it perfectly clear that this is Still Not A Rainbow. Using the same colors and canvas is a little larger.     How to buy: No special […]

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This isn´t a rainbow

Number: #028  Title: This Isn´t A Rainbow Size: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)  Acrylic on canvas  Price: €28    It´s difficult to name a piece. To give it some kind of meaning. Why does it need a title? Then you´re already seeded and preconceived. I guess that´s why so many artists just leave it at untitled. But that´s just plain […]

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Just one line

Number: #027  Title: Just one line  Size: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)  Black pen on canvas  Price: €27     One pen, one canvas. Just one line.   Front   Side   Buy it: Contact me at mail(at)1euroexperiment.com

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Number: #026Title: Color MeSize: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)Acrylic on canvasPrice: €26   Call me Picasso! Have you ever seen anything as beautiful? These colors will light up any day. When you look at Color Me you are guaranteed to get a shot of serotonin in your brain*. You can throw out all your antidepressants now. This […]

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#025 - Move forward

Number: #025Title: Move ForwardSize: 100×100 cm (40″x40″)Digital printed on fine art paperPrice: €25   Focus. Move Forward. Keep on going. When it gets tough, say Thank You. Keep moving forward. Follow The Arrow. Persist. Follow through. Hello destination. Accomplishment. Prosperity, Success, Whatever. The Arrow     How to buy: Follow The Arrow and you will […]

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Number: #024 Title: Hyperlink Size: 100×100 cm (40″x40″) Digital printed on Fine Art Paper Price: €24 When you are with the hyperlink you are always on an adventure. The hyperlink is your gateway for information. The hyperlink can give you stress. The hyperlink connects you to your friends. The hyperlink makes you laugh. The hyperlink […]

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#023 - Focus

Number: #023 Title: Focus Size: 40×40 cm (16″x16″) Price: €23   It has been a while! I´ll dive right in. One of my greatest challenges in life is to stay focused. To follow through. But I get distracted. A lot. If only I could focus. This piece is simple. There are no colors. There isn´t […]