1 Euro Experiment
Selling a €10.000 painting. Starting at €1 for painting number #001
#001 – No. 1
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Number: #001
Title: No.1
Price: €1

*** SOLD ***
Buyer:  Mick Jensen (Sweden)

Here we go. #001, the first painting of the 1 Euro Experiment.

The general idea of the #001 painting  was to brand the “1€E” concept. Thought a black box with the logo and some stuff around it would do the trick.

It really is strange how a painting evolves. I was going down one path but ended  down a completely different path. To start with I made strokes of blue, purple, red, yellow, brown, green. It took a long time. Quite a lot of detail went into it, but I had no idea where I was going with it. Became frustrated and realised it looked kind of nasty. So I decided to cover it up. By chance I used some silver and I saw how the background now shined through. Thought that was an interesting effect so kept on with the silver. So something I didn´t like, ended up being a part of something I thought was OK.

Would I hang #001 on my own wall? Not likely, but I do like that its imperfect. The black box is mysteriously skewed, the letters of the “1€E” look awful, the “#001” even worse.  I seriously had trouble writing it. I found out that you need to control your breathing when writing letters otherwise the brush is all over the place.

But it is the first painting of many.  I look forward to improving my skills. I know I have oceans of learning to do.

Want to buy it?  Send an email to mail(at)1euroexperiment.com

Painting SOLD for €1 (22. dec. 2009)
Buyer: Mick Jensen, Sweden

#002 – 20. dec

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  • Jcop

    What will it do the dynamics of your pricing when everyone knows that you will keep painting pictures… and does it matter if what you paint brings some sort of value (beauty, feelings, whatever..) to someone?

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