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#002 – MuuH
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Number: #002
Title: MuuH
Price: €2

*** SOLD ***
Buyer:  Henrik Nymark (Denmark)

In high school I lived in a town called Naestved in Denmark, with 50.000´ish people.  The backyard of our house bordered up to a farmers field. Sometimes there were cows grassing on them. I remember a few times where I would stand by the fence, look out on the field and yell “Muuuuuh”. Even though a 100-200 hundred meters away, a herd of 10-15 cows would hear me.  Responding with a thunder of muuhs to my call, they would run towards me. Over the fence, I would feed them fruit from the apple trees behind me and stroking them. It really was quite an amazing experience. One day I hope to relive this and get my own little farm house overlooking a field with a herd of cows. And of course now that we are at it, a few horses, ducks, geese and pigs.

This painting is supposed to resemble the cow experience. For those who can´t see it, it is cow skin. Dont be worried if you can´t see it though. A friend of mine thought the big black thing in the middle was Ibiza… guess some people see what they want to see!

MuuH to all…

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Painting SOLD for €2 (22. dec. 2009)
Buyer: Henrik Nymark, Denmark

#001 – 19. dec.
#003 – 23. dec
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