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#003 – Paa tvaers
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Number: #003
Title: På tværs
Size: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)
Price: €3

I have a lamp shade in the shape of a cylinder with colored stripes on it. It looks pretty nice, so I thought I would try and do some colored stripes on canvas. I came up with “På Tværs”. It´s danish for “across”, makes sense since the stripes go across the canvas. But there is also another definition and that is what I am going to lean upon.

Something or a person can be “paa tvaers” which means he or it is kind of annoying and irritating. And this painting was exactly that. Even though its only 20×20 cm and consists of a few stripes running across I managed to put 10+ hours into it. There may be a better technique, I just didn´t discover it soon enough. This is what I learned:

  • If you intend to use a blended color for another stripe later, remember the exact color mix
  • Make sure the edges of the tape are secured to the canvas so paint from the new stripe doesn´t sneak in to its neighbour
  • Do not re-use tape that has painting on it as it may smudge off on finished stripes
  • Should be obvious, but do not put your fingers on stripes if you have fresh paint on them
  • Pre-plan the route of a stripe around the edges of the canvas
  • Let the paint dry before you cover stripes with tape

I think this says it all. It wasn´t easy and required an extreme amount of breathing excersises on my behalf. But I got through it, by being patient and accepting the hickups along the way.

Now that it is finished I am happy to say that I am quite pleased with it.

Who can buy: A person who has endured a situation with patience. Please write one experience where you felt you were patient towards someone or something. Doesn´t matter what it is, can be anything where you felt your patience got tested.  Why?

Want to buy it? Send an email to mail(at)1euroexperiment.com (remember to write your patience experience)

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