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#004 – Abonotigni
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Number: #004
Title: Abonotigni
Size: 40×40 cm (16″x16″)
Price: €4

*** SOLD ***
Buyer:  Martin Thygesen (Denmark)

About a year ago I was round my friends house. He had just come back from a business trip from Australia and brought home a painting made by an Aboriginal. It had thousands upon thousands of dots on it, that made up an eye catching pattern. He had paid $15.000 for it or approx. €10.000. Even though it was a breathtaking painting, I was very much puzzled by his aquisition but he assured me that in time it would be a great investment. Looking back, I think the seeds of thoughts that would turn into the 1 Euro Experiment, began to grow back then. How come a butt-naked Aboriginal could sell a painting for $15.000? What events and circumstances had led up to this? I never did any research on it, so I still don´t know and I have long forgotten the name of the artist.

Then, in early 2009 I was a couple of months in Thailand, enjoying the climate and working out at a Muay Thai boxing school. At a market in Patong, Phuket, a guy was painting and selling almost the same paintings that my friend had just bought. They were smaller but they looked pretty similar. Lots of dots making up a pattern. However, his prices were a lot cheaper. Probably about $50 or 1/300 of the Aboriginals prices.

So for this project, I thought it would be fun to make an aboriginal painting. The idea was to cover the whole painting with lots of dots to make up a pattern. I´m on a gold/silver rush right now, so I started out with those colors. First three circles that I then joined with the silver dotted lines. Expecting I was in for at least a couple thousand more dots I was quite surprised when I looked at it and thought: “That´s it, no more. It´s finished!!”.

I´m calling it “Abonotigni”, coz it ended up, NOT being like the Aboriginal-like painting I had first planned.

Who can buy: Anyone

Want to buy it? Send an email to mail(at)1euroexperiment.com

Painting SOLD for €4 (28. dec. 2009)
Buyer: Martin Thygesen, Denmark

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