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#005 – Soooooo gay
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Number: #005
Title: Soooooo gay
Size: 50×50 cm (20″x20″)
Price: €5

The answer to your question is no.

No, I am not gay!

So why this painting. Well, my brother is and for the man who has everything, I wanted to give him something unique for Christmas. Somehow I came up with this “Soooooo gay” theme for a painting. Probably because he and his friends, sometimes act in such a manner. Indeed, it can be very fun and entertaining to observe.

Unfortunately, my brother turned down the Christmas present offer. The strong colors would give bad Feng Shui or something!

But with the idea in my head I had to paint it, couldn´t let it go. So the “Soooooo gay” thing has now become the #005 painting of the 1 Euro Experiment.

Armed with my patience skills from #003- Paa tvaers it was almost a breeze to paint the colors. It was however a bit more tricky to paint the text. I hope to gain a better writing technique soon.

Want to buy it? Make a video response to this Youtube video and write the link in an email to mail(at)1euroexperiment.com.

The person who says:

“Hooray, Hooray, I am soooooo gay”

the most convincing, will be allowed to purchase this painting for €5.

#005 - Hooray, I Am Soooooo Gay - 1€E magnet
Why keep your fridge in the closet, put a magnet on it and let it out!
$2.95 // €2.70 Refrigerator magnet

#004 – 27. dec.
#006 – 7. jan.