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#006 – Fender
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Number: #006
Title: Fender
Size: 100×80 cm (40″x32″)
Price: €6
*** SOLD for
26 ***
Buyer: Sofie Winther (Denmark)

Even though I dont play the guitar myself,  I am fascinated with how some products radiate authenticity. I believe the Fender Stratocaster guitar does just that. In it´s genre, it´s kind a like the Harley of motorcycles.

For #006 I wanted to continue down the aboriginal path from #004 but make the painting of something cool. Recently, I attended a friends album release party where he looked über-cool playing the guitar. That experience combined with me wanting to paint in aboriginal style, painting a Fender was the natural choice.

I put a lot of work into #006, especially trying to scale the Fender correctly on the canvas was a challenge. So for the first time, I am also beginning to really understand why some paintings costs what they do.


Coincidentally, while painting #006 I saw a Pink music video on MTV. She was in a guitar store, where she fools around with the exact same Fender. That confirmed it. I had chosen the right guitar for this painting.

Want to buy #006 Fender?:  The price of this original painting is 6. To be eligible to buy this Fender painting you have to make a video reply to this video on YouTube. In your video you must play a piece of  music with your own guitar. It can be your own song or of an artist of your choice. It doesnt have to be a whole song, a little appetizer is fine too. The person who has the ‘best’ reply will be the lucky owner of #006.

*** SOLD ***  While picking up the painting, Sofie Winther offered to pay more than the  €6. She gave Dkr. 200 (€26) *** See the YouTube video reply from the buyer Sofie Winther below.


005 Fender


Sofie Winther made this YouTube video reply. It is absolutely irresistible. We are all witnesses to a huge musical talent in the making. I am happy that #007 Fender is now going to hang on her wall.




#005 – 2. jan
Soooooo gay
#007 – 9. jan.
Knep Mig