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#007 – Rock bitch smoking Miss Piggy
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Number: #007
Title: Rock bitch smoking Miss Piggy
Price: €7
*** SOLD ***
Buyer: Marie Autzen (Denmark)

Collaboration with Rasmus Juul

This is the first painting I´ve collaborated with another artist. Rasmus Juul owns GalArtery, a gallery in Copenhagen where he displays his own works and upcoming artists. The works of Rasmus Juul is currently also displayed at Gallery Egoné where the prices of his paintings are hovering around €600 – €4000.

Starting out with a blank canvas we had no idea the direction of this painting. We had agreed we could paint anything, we would just take turns, also enabling us to paint over anything of the other ones work if we didn´t like it! It went pretty smooth, none of us had the urge to demonstratively mess anything up.

I have to admit though, Rasmus was the guiding force for the direction of this painting. The first splashed of paint I made, he quickly turned into the beginnings of a face. Later a few circles from me and he turned them into a look-a-like piggy nose with kissing lips. I made an awkward r2d2-robot that he turned into a more robust looking robot. My margarita flowers were untouched though, I am happy with that.

The “Too Cheap” text came to light when Rasmus asked me “How much is this painting going to sell for again?”. I replied “7 Euros”. I heard a sigh with a mumbling “f*ck” come from him. When it was my turn to paint, Rasmus had demonstratively written “Too Cheap” on the canvas. I couldn´t agree more. It was going to be the title of the painting but “Rock bitch smoking Miss Piggy” was a bit more catchy. I think she´s cute, so take the bitch thing with a grain of salt.

Rasmus Juul doing finishing touches on #007

You look so much prettier now Rasmus

#007 Rock bitch smoking Miss Piggy

Want to buy #007?*** SOLD *** Considering that Rasmus normally sells his art for thousands of euros, whether or not you like the painting, €7 must be considered a bargain or a very good investment.

Anyone can buy it, but you must agree to have your picture taken with the painting. Like the one of Rasmus holding the canvas over his face. The picture will later be published on this page.

You can buy #007 at his gallery at:  GalArtery, Æblestien 2, Copenhagen S, Denmark (opening hours: Fri-Sun 13:00 – 18:00) See on map

Marie Autzen, the buyer holding the painting:

#006 – 7. jan.
#008 – 11. jan.
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