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#008 – Claim a Quote
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Number: #008
Title: Claim a Quote
Price: €8

Get YOUR quote on the #008 painting

#008 is made in collaboration with Claim a Quote. This is an interactive painting, so you will be able to have YOUR  original quote written on the #008 painting.

Do you remember who said:  “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”

Or do you know who once said: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”

Odds are you do know, because they are very famous quotes by Bill Clinton and Neil Armstrong.

These two quotes have been published many times over along with thousands of quotes from famous politicians, authors, celebrities and successful business people. These people are remembered forever for their words of wisdom (or lack there of!)

But what about YOU?

Do you want to be remembered for a quote? If so, you can go claim it in the comments here, so you will officially have your quote on record throughout history.

The best quote will go on the #008 canvas and have first choice of buying the painting for €8. If you choose not to buy it, it´s up for grabs to anyone.

Please remember, your quote has to be ORIGINAL, one that you invented. Do not copy an existing quote.

The best quote will be selected 2. April 1. July 2010 and the painting will be updated with the winners quote soon after.

All you have to do is leave your best quote as a comment here. Just write…

–> I claim: “this is my original quote that I want to be remembered for” – FirstName, LastName <–

Write your quote in the comments below. You can login with Facebook, Twitter, OpenID or your email.

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