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#009 – Killer Postbox
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Number: #009
Title: Killer Postbox
Price: €9

It may be the holy land of the sweet Little Mermaid but Denmark is furiously trying to hold on to its most scary and well guarded secret.

The Tourst Information will categorically deny this, but as a tourist you should be very alert when you are wandering the streets of Copenhagen.

It has been reported numerous times that people get attacked by red KILLER POST BOXES, never to be seen again. The lucky few who have survived an attack, state that the killer post box came out of no where and immediately started munching away with its razor sharp teeth on the victims hair.  Only by stroke of luck were they able to wrestle themselves free –  in all but one of the cases, because they were wearing a toupe.

– News@9

Who can buy? Anyone, but this painting is based on a danish saying.

If you cracked it, then you may buy it.

Send an email to mail(at)1euroexperiment.com stating what you believe the saying is.

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