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#010 – 100% FCK fan
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Number: #010
Title: 100% FCK fan
Price: €10
*** SOLD ***
Buyer:  Frank Enemark (Denmark)

Only FCK fans may buy this painting!

It is only a few months ago I couldn´t give a flying sh*t about football (soccer). But then friends of mine launched Cooligan.dk, the first “social football network” in Denmark and now I am getting sucked into it.

#010 – 100% FCK fan Email to Don Ø (read) Email to Kasi-Jesper (read)

Cooligan.dk is a bit like Facebook but everything is football related. Lots of news, videos, stats, quizzes, bets and football communication with friends and rivals. A true Mecca if you are a football fan.

When confronted with having to make a fan club choice, it was natural for me to become a fan of FC København (FCK), because I live in Copenhagen. It doesn´t hurt to also be on the winning side. FCK has won the championships 6 times in the past 9 years.

So its official, “with this painting I now declare myself fan of FC København”.

Please notice, there is room for many more Championship years on the canvas. I´ll write them on the canvas for free every year we win. You´ll notice that the ‘201’ of 2010 has already been engraved.

Who may buy #010?

If your name is Flemming Østergaard, aka Don Ø, then you may buy this painting for €1000. Why? Seems like an appropriate and attractive price for a man of your caliber.

If your name is Kasi-Jesper and the person holding arch rival Brøndby on financial life support, then you may NOT buy this painting. I know you can afford it Jesper, but even €1.000.000 will not get you this painting. Instead you may stick that cash up our goalies ass!

However, a true FCK fan may purchase this painting for only €10. All you have to do is SHARE this webpage on Facebook.

… and in the comment write: “I want to buy this 100% FCK fan painting for €10” (if you write the same text in danish, then thats fine too)

The person who can be considered the biggest FCK fan will “win” and get the painting for €10.

Update 1: I just sent this letter to Don Ø (in danish) with my 1000 offer. For the sake of transparency I´m publishing the email below.

Update 2: “Money can´t buy you everything” – Had to make that crystal clear to danish billionaire Kasi-Jesper in this email:

#009 – 16. jan.
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#011 – 24. jan.
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