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#011 – Knep Mig
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Number: #011
Title: Knep Mig
Size: 30×40 cm (12″x16″)
Price: €11


“Knep Mig” means “Fuck Me” in danish and is an expression I have come to use quite a lot!

Usually I´ll express “knep mig” in these different scenarios.

1) When a situation is against me!

If a situation is against me, I might yell out:  ‘KNEP MIG’

Fx. if I bumped by toes into the corner of a table. I broke a glass and it splinters all over the place.  I get an unexpected bill. I lock myself out. Garbage bag tears and spills all over.

So it’s kinda like. Now that this situation is already against me, why doesn´t it just go ahead and FUCK ME (Knep Mig)!!!

2) I see a smoking hot woman!

Indeed, my primal mating instincts are well and alive, so if I see a smoking hot woman, chances are high that you´ll see me silently mumbling “Knep mig”.

This hasn´t gotten me into trouble yet but I´ve had a few close calls. Shouldn´t really get into much detail but for your own sake…

…just remember, that the cute girl in front you in the cashiers line, might actually be able to hear your mumbling AND her beef-of-an-ass boyfriend might be returning to the shopping cart with an extra carton of protein-shake!


#011 Knep Mig is now the favorite of my paintings. The words act as an ironic soother to the ways of life, and also as a helpful reminder to the utter abundance of cute, smart, funny, beautiful woman out there.

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This picture doesn´t do the painting justice. The yellow, orange and pink colors are FLOURESCENT and in my opinion look much cooler IRL.

#010 – 18. jan.
100% FCK fan
#012 – 31. jan.