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#014 – Zeit Zleishe
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Number: #014
Title: Zeit Zleishe
Size: 40×30 cm (16″x12″)
Price: €14

Collaboration with Povl Pfmiff

Povl Pfmiff is THE coachers coach. You may not have heard of him, but he is actually the person behind many of the coaching methologies and theories around today. Anthony Robbins, Elkart Tolle, Dr. Phil and Rhonda Byrne, all have Povl Pfmiff on speed dial when they need inspiration for a new book or coaching themselves.

I met Povl Pfmiff through a mutal friend and it is an honor to have him collaborate with me on painting #014 of the 1 Euro Experiment.

On the way to my studio (apartment) Povl Pfmiff was witness to a car accident. We got talking about what runs through a persons mind in the split second they have a car accident. What do they think about, what runs through their mind? 

This is our interpretation of the thoughts of the people involved in a car accident.

The newspaper cuttings are in danish. Unforuntaly, it was all I had, so we had to make do with that. Use Google Translate for an excellent translation into any language.

The painting is called Zeit Zleishe, because we look at a SLICE OF TIME. For some unknown reason we agreed that it should be translated into tourist german.

Words from Povl Pfmiff:

.. .. ..

Povl Pfmiff, Coachers coach

As a lifestyle, motivational and personal coach I get to see the thought patterns of many different people.

Being a witness to a car accident this painting was a very interesting exercise for me. What went through the minds of these people? What are they thinking about in the split second of the occuring accident?

Some are faced with the certainty of death, others do not event realize they are involved in an accident because they pass out instantly.

Question:  If you were in a similar car accident what thoughts would YOU be having in this painting?

Want to buy #014 Zeit Zleishe?

This excellent painting can be yours for €14. If you want to buy it, you have to answer Povl Pfmiff´s question.


If you were in a similar car accident what thoughts would YOU be having in this painting?

Write your thoughts in the comments below. Afterwards send an email to mail(at)1euroexperiment.com

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