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#015 – Kindergarden Kamikaze II
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Number: #015
Title: Kindergarden Kamikaze II
Size: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)
Price: €15

The first painting of this series was painting #013. I enjoyed painting in the Kindergarden Kamikaze univers so much that I had to revisit it again.

I actually intend to develop the KK univers even further, there will be more paintings in this series.

Your observant eye should be able to identify a bird in there somewhere. It just kinda sneaked onto the canvas.

Experiment wise,  #015 is interesting because it is smaller than painting #013, yet it is more expensive (2 Euros!). How will this play out? What will sell first and will a  potential buyer, buy both of them? And what will happen to the value of painting #013 and #015 if I next year make Kindergarden Kamikaze VI and it sells for 200 Euros?

Want to buy #015 Kindergarden Kamikaze?

As with #013 if this painting puts you in a postive state of mind, then you may buy it for 15 Euros. Pursue you interest with an email to:  mail(at)1euroexperiment.com

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