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#016 – ABBArigini
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Number: #016
Title: ABBArigini
Size: 40×30 cm (16″x12″)
Price: €16

Painting with dots is fun. God bless the aboriginals for this creative invention.

Personally, I am a moderate ABBA fan. I do enjoy ABBA music when the dance floor needs a flash of  ´70-´80-ish disco music, but it is not something I have on my Ipod.

So why this painting? Well, I saw the cover of the ABBA Gold album a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to make something ABBA´ish in aboriginal dotted style.

I realise it may not be the most original painting but I hope that a true ABBA fan will appreciate it.

Want to buy #016 ABBArigini?

It´s yours for €16, but only if you like ABBA music. You will be obliged to play ABBA music to the painting once in a while! Send an email to:  mail(at)1euroexperiment.com



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