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#017 – Infinitely Dead
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Number: #017
Title: Infinitely Dead
Size: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)
Price: €17

When you´re dead, you´re infinitely dead!

All there is, is an eternity of nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So no more laughing with friends, no more cold beers, no more favorite foods, no more sex, no more kissing, no more partying, no more sports, no more family quality time, no more travelling, no more favorite hobbies, no more meeting new exciting people, no more sunrises. Only lots and lots of no mores.

Turning 35 a few weeks ago I had one of these life reflecting moments. Boiled down to: better make the most of it while I´m here – ´coz the clock is ticking. Tick tock… tick tock…

It was also an opportunity for me to translate this thought process into a painting.

The green stripe symbolizes your heartbeat when you are dead. If we hook you up to an EKG monitor right now, you will see spikes from the rhytm of your heartbeat, but when you are dead the green line will be forever flat. And along with it an eternity of no mores.

While viewing #017 – Infinitely Dead, your reflective state of mind could go two ways:

1) In a depressed state: F*’CK, IM GONNA DIE!!!

2) In a positive state: I know I´m gonna die, duh! But while I´m alive, I´m gonna get the most out of it.

I choose (2)

What state experience do you have (write in the comments below)?

Want to buy #017 Infinitely Dead?

You may buy it, but only if the painting can get you in a positive state – if you get motivated to get the most out of your life. Price €17. Send and email to:  mail(at)1euroexperiment.com.

Signed with the 1€E  #017 on the bottom. The green stripe (non-existing heartbeat) wraps around the sides.

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