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#018 – 1000 Chatroulettes
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Number: #018

Title: 1000 Chatroulettes

Size: 100×100 cm (40″x40″)

Price: €18

> Check out the dedicated website for this painting – www.chatroulettepainting.com <

An unknown 17 year old Russian kid spends a few days coding a very simple webcam website. A few months later millions of people worldwide are on his website engaged in random 1-1 chats with complete strangers.

Quite fascinating.

If you haven´t done already, do yourself a favor and check out Chatroulette.com. But be warned, you are almost certain to run into adult content.

So I couldn´t resist! Chatroulette had to become a part of the 1 Euro Experiment. This painting consists of 1000 Chatroulette interactions that I am having from 23. March – 20. April.


This painting is a work in progress. It will take some time to gather all the material. Approximated schedule:

23. March – 20. April: –> –> t.b.a: t.b.a:
Lots of chatrouletting. Adding approx. 30 new “partners” to painting daily Make digital touches. Make high quality print on canvas Finishing touches with acrylics Auction starts Winning bid / Auction ends



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