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#028 – This Isn´t A Rainbow
Categories: For Sale

Number: #028  
Title: This Isn´t A Rainbow 
Size: 20×20 cm (8″x8″)  
Acrylic on canvas  
Price: €28 


It´s difficult to name a piece. To give it some kind of meaning. Why does it need a title?

Then you´re already seeded and preconceived.

I guess that´s why so many artists just leave it at untitled. But that´s just plain boring. At least today.

I could call it…

Monkey Tits Behind Bars


Thinking Of Cinnemon Rolls (because I am)

wait, aren´t all these the colors of the rainbow?

but it isn´t a rainbow.

There you go. That´s the title:

This isn´t a rainbow

Oh damn, do you see  a rainbow now?


This isn´t a rainbow



How to buy #028:

Well, for this piece… if the Double Rainbow video makes you laugh, then you may buy it.

Please take a deep breath, if your funny bone is well mounted, you´re gonna need the oxygen.