1 Euro Experiment
Selling a €10.000 painting. Starting at €1 for painting number #001
WTF is 1 Euro Experiment?

OK, so WTF is 1 Euro Experiment?:

With no previous art experience I will “become an artist” to see if I one day can sell a piece of art for €10.000.

How pricing will work:

  • The first painting #001, will sell for €1
  • The price of every new painting increases with €1. The 100th painting costs €100 and so on.
  • Minimum price will always be the #number. Fx. €65 for the 65th painting.
  • An art piece may be sold for more than the minimum price, fx. if it  fetches a higher price at an auction.


Speciel buying terms:

Sometimes there will be speciel buying terms for an art piece, fx:

  • Only ______ may buy it
  • You have to _____ to buy it
  • You can only buy the piece here __________



Email:   mail(at)1euroexperiment.com